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tv   Book Discussion on Hemp Bound  CSPAN  August 6, 2014 8:00pm-9:05pm EDT

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partnerships with the u.s. and the rest of the world we cannot ignore a key part of our society. woman are 60% of the african population and true inclusive growth cannot occur in africa without their inclusion. thank you. >> thank you so much, tony. [applause] >> let me tell you too often in the u.s. and europe you look at the bad news of boko haram or terrorism. but look at the performance of the stock exchange. markets never lie. and when david was going to africa he came to the bank and
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said you know africa more than i do can we invest together. so some of you maybe having information and moving to the this or other african countries, we know our continent and we are there with you and meet ch challen challenges and opportunities together. thank you for joining me in the panel. [applause] >> our special booktv programming continues over the next several hours with a focus on marijuana. beginning with doug fine on his book "hemp bound: dispatches from the front lines of the next agricultural revolution". in a little more than an hour you will hear from angela hawkin on marijuana legalization.
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and then "the last pirate". we want to hear from you. tweet us your feedback at >> doug fine is up next talking about the hemp and argues with the relaxation of marijuana, hemp will become a billion dollar industry soon. this is about an hour. >> hello and thank you so much for coming. i first met doug last year on colorado day, which is august 1st, when we found each other in front of the capital with the hoisting of the hemp flag that went up above our capital. i don't know if you were aware
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of that but mike bowman made sure there was a hemp
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>> i was going to be in arizona and so was he and we had lunch and grew fond of each other. and since that time our journeys went to varied places like maui, hoisted the flag over the capital on july 4th and moved the needle on where we are
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taking this. and colorado claims the grund on being the state that put all of this in motion -- ground -- there was the straw that breaks the camels back and colorado is going to lead the full ending of this prohibition nationally in a very foreseeable future. so it is a great honor and pleasure to introduce my dear friend, doug, who made a dent and mark in my life and spends time on a new mexico ranch milking goats when he is not out on the road helping educate the public about the opportunities before us. he has played an important role in changing the narrative on what we are doing here. with that i would like doug to come to the podium and please welcome my good friend and
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author, doug fine. [applause]. >> thank you mike and linda. to be mentioned, let alone praised, for people that have done as much for colorado and also humanity means a lot to me. thank you to tattered cover book store and this is the third visit here and you have been tremendous supporters. thank you for having me back. for me to be speaking about hemp when more than a half dozen of the people, the heroes making this happen, are here in the audience tonight, is like giving a talk about boxing with ali in the audience saying i have to get my facts right but also honor these people. the book wouldn't have been written and we would not be seeing the rebirth of this and
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phot putting farmers back to work. we have hemp seeds she hopes will go into the her coffee soon. she asked for a blessing. this is non-denomnation here. blessings to colorado, hemp, and humanity. and thank you come coming here tonight. julie brought an airloom of a 1771 book printed on hemp paper. thank you for allowing us to be up here. and thank you for the hemp plants and i can feel the carbon dioxide being sucked from the atmosphere. the hardest part of talking about hemp is not sounding like
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you are roommate with the lava lamp because after two years of research i stand here tell you the roommate with the lava lamp was right about the hemp plant. the time is happening now. how do we get the message across? this year is hemp's biggest year in the possible 10,000 or certainly 77. skipping colorado's achievements for a minute -- the farm bill allows for university research of hemp. it is great first step for people who have been activist for a long time it could be frustrating that only university approved research for the varieties of hemp are approved on the federal level and let's hope the federal agencies -- any
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dea agencies? welcome if you are here. thank you for coming, guys and ladies. the canadians put their drug squad to work inspecting their crops so we don't have to an across the job firing of the dea agents but come on board and stop saying those silly things about not being able to tell the difference between hemp and cannabis. it isn't true. the farm bill -- our congress did something and legalized hemp for the first time in 77 years. it matters. research is okay for a couple times. canadians did it and their industry is approaching a billion and growing 24% per year. mike who is one of the two hemp heroes that give the introduction tonight this is him last july 4th in conservative
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buyers, colorado -- replacing gmo corn with hemp. it has been a magical year. linda, jason, lowl, and shout out to eric hunter as well -- people that were involved in the legislative side of making this happen in colorado. colorado is ahead of federal law. we were there in bolder on the first day agriculture was accepting permits for commercial hemp. colorado is saying let's do it! let's go. let's generate the revenue from $300 per acre that canadian farmers are making on their hemp and that is ten times what they make on gmo corn. and for a show of hands, how many people know about this guy? there is going to be a statue of ryan loftland some day.
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he said i am going to print 50 acres of industrial acres in springfield on family land that is getting federal subsidies for the old way of doing things. big farm business no, we are going back to hemp. he found hemp takes half the water that the wheat he was growing in that land takes and some of his neighbors for whom the reservoir is drying up might be able to heal the soil and get back to the land. remember ryan. he is a hero. so i had no idea when i started researching hemp that instead of being laughed out of committee whenever the iconic clash in the house would bring the hemp bill forward and this was two years ago and i get this saying we
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will do hemp and he got excited and it is like the committees are like, yeah, no. then all of a sudden it happens right when i am back from two years of world wide research on hemp and have a book about hemp coming out. much more importantly than that, they made the wish in the books second paragraph come true. my plan the day hemp becomes legal is to begin cultivating ten acres of my land so my sweetheart doesn't have to import the material she does to make the shirts i wear. i would like to be buying colorado grown hemp for my
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girlfriend to make for hemp clothes. it is coming one step closer to reality. if we leave everybody here with one thought, what i am trying to implant in the colorado university and then the u.s. industly, you know north dakota, kentucky, california farmers are chomping at the bit and they read the agriculture journals and know the prices. it is a profitable crop. in farming there is a term dual cropping and it means you use one crop for more than one purpose. so what i would like to see it hemp is tricropping and that is main thing that i set out in hemp found. i got to ride in a limo that was powered by hemp. it was very comfortable. bill altus, thanks for that. but the three, so i want to see
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tri-cropping with hemps. in every colorado processor i deally community-owned processor, farmers will bring their feed in, which is where the money is today we will talk about, it isn't a comp llicated thing pressing the oil. the gook coming down is an omega super food. i went to a university where they fed the laying hens hemp versus corn feed and the resulting eggs were market hot. the nutritional analysis was way higher content of good things in the hemp fed chickens. seed oil, boom. it comes out and you market it
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regionally. the seed cake in the press makes fantastic animal feed. i know people that feed their pigs on nothing but that and compost all winter. before tonight's event, mike bowman and i talked about pigs that are hemp-fed in washington states and they are growing fatter and heathier in a study going on there. and that jives with a woman who said she remembered her dad planting hemp along the irrigation ditches as erosion control. so not just the terrible dust bowl in the heart land, but mali and sub-saharan african. and then when planting irrigation was done in the fall they sent the cattle out and the cattle loved it and that jives
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with the study we see in the universities. there is your seed oil. i visited the biggest hemp mogul in canada. sean crew. they are undergoing their fourth expansion in ten years. it wasn't that big of a factory. it doesn't take much to process oil. that is one section. there is your oil in one section. second section we have this fiber obviously. stronger than steel and they are in benze and bmw's. there is a fiber application which is construction. chop up the hemp fibers, mix with lime, and it makes a pink insulation that is better than
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the chemical-based products. we are going to revamp the shelves of home depot. but the third element i want i want to leave you with is energy. in europe today, entire communities in germany and austria are becoming energy independent through an anaerobic compbustion product. the units are small and the army is investing in them and that could be in the corner of the factory connect today a grid or maybe a community electric cooperative getting rid of grids and making better and saver distributed grids. you can youtube austria and see
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this or look up the story of the german town that became fossil-fuel free and are in control of their own energy. i would love to see american communities do that and i would support and advertise it f. fiber, seed oil and energy. we need the energy to happen. how many people have ready "collapse"? it is a scary story that in great civilizations he documents what went wrong and they sound eerily familiar. this is the modern day cambodia culture. for our purposes as neighbors i am your neighbor to the south and we new mexicans shared that area of the four corners. talk about globalization.
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they were trading from seattle to costa rica. it looked good. cities and trade routes and then it collapse. see if it sounds familiar to you. it is like poisoning the water supply, overdevelopment and followed by nutty right ring leaders at the end. seriously. there is an idea the monuments get bigger and they say keep believing, sorry there is no clean water. we need to tackle this. and as a father i am more c confidant about this. i feel as though the carbon mitigation blue print is in place. make sure you include energy -- this is what we call the upside of prohibition.
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the canadians have the varieties dialled in and ready for us. america's kentucky hemp seed was the sort of beacon of the world. it led the world. kentucky alone -- the first millionaire was a hemp mogul. hemp was a big business in wisconsin, missouri, ohio -- not so much colorado but it will be now. there was approval for a hemp study in hawaii and we went to visit place that was a warehouse inside a warehouse and opened up a box and there was rotted beef. so we had to start from scratch with research.
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and people in the room, veronica is one of them, are starting that research now. but we can take the seed industry from canada. the fiber knowledge of china and europe. this is a european dutch factory that makes the fiber that goes into the bmw's and mercedes-benz today. and make them all part of the first generation. this is fun. mercedes doesn't put hemp fiber in its door panels because they are wearing tie die and throwing peace signs. it is because it is an inexpensive, strong force for their vehicles. the company, hemp flax, that
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provide the hemp have been at it for 20 years. and they have to jerry rig the process even. there is a learning curve, but you colorado residents out there know how to do it. they know how to do big agriculture and they know how to interact with the land around here. it isn't rocket scientist especially when it comes to seeds and that is where you should be starting; with seat cultivers. the federal agencies have to thorn feder allow the federal law and allow you to import seeds here. and university research has been approved by the feds and you trying to bring the tax base back and put farmers to work,
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colorado state, sorry to be calling you out, boulder and other areas you should be signing on with the farmers and conducting research. the canadians want to buy all of the oil and i love you canada and they have a ban on gmo hemp. but i would rather be boulder county and wells county have regional processors of oil i can buy at my food co-op. chinese presidents visits the hemp factories instead of using money to get rid of them. why would china's president do that? cotton provides 30% of the world's pesticides. so they are poisoning their soil and loosing productivity.
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they know what is going on. because of the textiles because they girlfriend is interested in it, in the textile world the softness of a shirt you would buy at the mall, some poor bangladesh put it together probably, they call that hand. it is going to be soft. the soft hand. reminds me of a sign field episode with george had the upper hand in the relationship once and he complains to the girl breaking up with him and said i had hand and she said you are going to need it. china is going into hemp fire because they have to. cotton is toxic. the seed oil industry, let's hope one day that will just be
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the oil industry. it isn't rocket science rendering seed oil. you can do it. i have a list of some and there are more coming online soon. great ones tonight. chitchatting afterwards but we will have to step it outside as the bookstore closes after the q and a. so the oil is this super food. we cannot eat enough of the stuff. we buy 90% of the canadian crops. i am a small-time rancher. so when i interviewed sean crew i said what about people like me, i have 40 acres and will plant 20-30 when it is legal. and he said talk to the hand. if you are under a thousand acres you a hobby farmer. and you know, spoke it like a
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manitoba guy. a winnipeg jet fan. that is how you do it up there. and that is fantastic and fine. i am doing the math here. this isn't anything other than what people are declaring on their tax refounds. canadians are getting $300 profit per acre so minimum 10,000 acres -- that is more than i made in book sales in my entire career after four books that farmers are making on one-years crop in canada. i don't think you need to do that many acres. a man who was doing everything he could to get hemp to people told me don't let people say it has to be a mega crop, billion
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dollar industry, you have a network of farms going 15-20 acres of hemp you can have a profitable industry. you all work together and own the processor and are joint investors. i am in the middle ground on this. i am fine with people having a mchemp sandwich at mcdonalds. that is fine with me as long as it isn't hmo. i am going to chose a local source. my goats can't wait to be fed hemp. they told me that during our morning meditation. it is really true. i start every day meditating with goats. it was one of the reasons i was thanking the politicals. i would like to thank the people that do the leg work in the colorado legislator and got the
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hemp industry going that is going to show the world what the plant has to offer humanity. they are dealing with human beings feeling all kind of energy and bookroom deals and i am milking goats and listen to mating calls. so thank you people in the trenches who made it happen. on the fiber side, things i look like hemp textiles like hemp paper. bless you my publisher printing hemp bound on hundred percent recycled paper and they are going for it. they tried to make hemp happen on the first edition of "hemp bound" and it isn't there anymore. it cannot happen on a mass market paperback. so they are talking about through grow hemp colorado
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sponsoring a colorado farmer and there is going to be a contest to grow the fiber that can go into the future edition of "hemp bou bound". that might seem wild, but in winnipeg, canada, a government joined private industry -- isn't that wonderful? they are burning the fiber and they have a car and tractor build of hemp and it is out performing petro by every step of the way. they are not hipsters. they are scientist trying to figure out would work. can you see this at your john
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deer factory? it is built from the hemp you colorado residents are going to manufacture vite manufacture. the first fiber killer app -- plant it for the seed oil, first generation, that is where the money is. your fiber app, if you don't have the skills to do the sophisticated stuff like the textiles, nano technology and body armor -- how many people knew george bush senior's parachute twine was made of hemp that saved his life in world war ii? construction is an easy low maintenance app. the test that are going on in universities in canada especially are showing hemp, crete and mixing with lime and they create carbon negative
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homes and out performing pink insulation and starting to be developed in load bearing application. i called up a company that is all over england and now they are selling it in in the united states. chop up your fiber and sell it to the construction industry. what hemp creed is done right it creates a light and airy easy to pack. concrete has to be heated up to thousands of degrees. it is intensely energy demanding. so i ask in the book, is this a no-brainer? you are building hemp houses and stores out of hemp. and entire subdivisions. is it a no brainer? and he said it is no-brainer for anyone maintaining the structure
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they are developing. if you are just trying to do, you know, flipping stuff with whatever is cheapest god knows what toxcity and particle board and dry wall -- and flip it. today in europe it is toss up on cost but the energy efficiency, durability and maintenance with hemp if you are thinking five years ahead is a no-brainer. but i went on sight in canada, ma manitoba, to a house they want to provide it as low income. and they are finding it is extremly mold and mildew and in hawaii they found termite resistant. i asked the real guys, not the pr people and the housing minister giving me the tour, i
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idea the guys with the construction hats what it was like to build with hemp insulation on the sight. and they said once we got the mixture figured out it was the best job we did. it is quick, you can paint or plaster over it and the energy efficiency is clear even in the middle of building the house. it took a couple days of experimenting with the mixture of hemp mixed with lime to find the consistency. it took a couple days of experimenting to find the ideal mixture. that is the most cynical thing i can tell you about the application. but more than one long-term hempster said they believe construction will be the first
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fiber killer app. we have 30% of americans as farmers when hemp prohibition started and now we have 1%. and we can talk about the causes of it but the bottom line is farmers are trying to make a living like everybody else and if what they are doing is great for the earth, which hemp is, that is fantastic. & a great bonus. but it is about being able to harvest a crop for which there is a market. and i believe whether it is a thousand acres. i visited his farm. and rebuilding america's seed stock and other people were there. he has $600,000 invested in the farm's harvesting equipment. this is real business. he showed me technology i could not believe.
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if it is going to be massive i would love to see it be hemp. every hemp bound event i have done i have been asked is monsanto going to take it over? and i say if we get the gmo-ban like they have in place in canada in the united states. i wanted to see if i would explode saying that. it is like we are experiencing technical difficulties on c-span right now. bless you for covering this event. hurray for c-span. you know, i don't know mind when you are driving through minnesota and wisconsin that sed instead of seeing endless field of earth killing corn you see
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hemp. i will support that. wonderful people, super religious heart land canadian farmers, pauline dick and her terrific kids are growing several hundreds of acres of hemp and she had a dream of making a healthy energy bar. she is a tri-athlete and thought they were not up to par. she put a mixture together from an early hemp harvest and won a contest and got $20,000 and has this incredible hemp energy bar company from the hemp the family grows on the farm in manitoba. skipping ahead, mike bowman is here today, and the hemp brand
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is encapsulated by the dr. bronners soap company. $54 million company. he collects five times the salary of the lowest paid employee. the olive oil in their soap is from orchids cultivated by israels and palstines. and he looked himself in a cage in front of the whitehouse last year with this hemp plant. this is where i want to apologize for my mother.
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what are you going to say at the bridge club meeting -- saw your son holding the cannabis plant on the booktv. but no, i am proud to do that. my kids have a great time visiting the hemp field and mike said his grandkids are having a great time this year. so david bronner is arrested in front of the whitehouse. and he is saying it is happening now. thank you again, colorado. as far as the hemp brand goes, that kind of rightiousness is like arm and hammer baking soda that is like a natural way to clean your fridge or counter and hemp has that brand, too. and that is the bottom line reason to make sure there is
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never any genetically modified hemp. franken hemp that is off-brand and this has been a movement for 77 years to get the plant back to the economy matters. and we should stick to that. for those who come knew to the plant, i should mention hemp prohibition was an accident and a typo. when the misguided marijuana tax app was inputed -- the most interesting thing is that within a few years it was already shipping american business offshore because world war ii broke out and our source for the 40 tons of hemp rigging that every navy vehicle needed was the philippines because farmers couldn't grow hemp anymore but the japanese captured them. all of a sudden you can go to youtube and check out this pr
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propganda film. the fact it took another 70 years to cultivate again is in sane but it happened. i was reducing the sustainable cannabis industry for my last book and i found it in progressive county in the red woods and if anymore progressive it would be clothing optional in the market. the first area to ban genetically modified organisms. and i asked if the sheriff enforced it and he said there
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was a ride on gmo corn in the county. which i thought was funny. i am still alive. so you are allowed to speak out against gmo. i love democracy. and this cannabis industry is not an occupier. this is pro-hemp republican senator from kentucky mitch mcconnell leading the charge in the senate. there is a lot of backroom funny stories about what brought senator mcconnell to hemp. and one of them reported by ryan grim suggested that senator mcconnell's colleague in kentucky promised not to run a tea party candidate against him in a primary if he would get behind hemp. whatever it takes.
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the reason i include my rent sign here is i thought the no passing sign is unfriendly. this is at the interest to my black diamond driveway in the middle of nowhere. this is the sign here: i mentioned this because i have a sympathy for rural america. i am one of you. i am here to help as colorado gets going and introducing people it processors. after the hemp expo, i was approached by a guy that wanted to provide facilities for the
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farmers. that is why i brought them here. by the way, no one has ever honored that sign. i am not a dedicated nudist and those of you who know i am a goat herder and you would think you can go get your boxers off the laundly line without anyone knowing but it is also when mary is coming down the driveway when i am out there. i think she has binoclars on or something. but in buyers, colorado where he did the planting on july 4th, these were conservative people and didn't hear a negative word about hemp. colorado farmers are ready to go and the reason is because of the dust bowl we are experiencing. this is not a photo from 1932
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from the grapes of wrath. this is 2012, lamar, colorado. jol jolene hickson didn't know the difference between marijuana and hemp last year. that is her wheat field. this is no joke. ask a conservative rancher whether or not global warming is real. any time we get off petroleum we replace it with something like building composit and get that into hemp instead of the petro-chemical based building materials we use. any time you get on petroleum you are doing something good were the world.
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last week in the niger delta terrible things are happening. i am not someone that can criticize the patretroleum induy because i believe they made it great. i will not be able to use my mac without the petroleum. we would not have won world war ii without texas crowd and hemp for that matter. if we have a gusher up there next to the lincoln monument i am cool with that. but that was last century and let's move on to the next thing. the big issue for american farmers now and you colorado residents know that is how do you get your seeds. one would like to think that the
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employees that work for us and are paid with our tax dollars follow the law of the land, which now says university research is cool in hemp states so and by the way, there is great further hemp legislation in congress that we should be supporting and getting involved in that. and if you want me to get more specific on that. does anybody know the name of the current within the state
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multiple people are developing seeds including people here tonight. so you can find them within the state rebuilding of the plasm for heme hemp. but the ditch weed in nebraska is still the and hemp's foot long tap roots -- it is an annual plant and has these tap roots and that is why it is so st stabl stablilizin stabilizing. you are creating an underground
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system with things that are important to soil health. that is why hemp is valuable for remeadiation and why conservative kentucky energy plants are planting hemp and using it in this gasification process we have been talking about. let darwin chose. use the nebraska ditch weed. just plant that. there is nothing wrong with that. it is good idea especially if your plan is building material where the fiber doesn't have been to uniform. but for the high end application, the hemp flax people in the netherlands, my micromanage this and they have been uniform and perfect if they were going to bmw or mercedes-benz. there is a hemp
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it at this. i know the hempsters are law-abiding citizens so i don't want to make it seem like they are outlaws or here heroes but let's change the federal law and university get on board and do the research so they were like where did the seed come from? and he said i am keeping that on the down low and friends sent
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them to me all over. we are building the seed stock today thank god. and we are not getting raided. the climate change issue you are seeing in eastern colorado is affecting all of you. we had terrible floods. noah had 40 days and 40 nights where he could not find land? well i had 40 days that would not let me cross the creak from my ranch to the civilization road. a neighborhood tried and it was ugly. hemp matters to me as a father. i came to hemp once i had kids because hemp not cotton held up to that. if you had kids and did clothe diapers and it is poop, line dry, poop, line, dry, break for lunch. and hemp, not cotton held up in
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the real world. dr. broner's soap was the non-toxic issues to bathe my youngsters in. and hemp seed oil, expensive and waiting for the day i can press it myself, but was my girlfriend's prenatal high grade source of omega. my goats, by the way, i brought a sample of the book telling them i would be feeding them hemp soon and they started by the biting in the book. and the hemp oil ride i told you about, believe me, the exhaust does give you the munchies. i enjoy the textile side and
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like wearing the hemp clothes and i am glad my girlfriend makes it for me. this is hemp corduroy and she did a good job with the snaps on this. and this is made by a commercial market but the vest and shirt she made. this is the message saying this is longevity. recently a study in turkey, looking good and ready for showtime and i was invited to testify for changing international drug laws and ending cannabis prohibition for
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money laundering and hurting families at the high session of the u.n. i think i was the first person to testify to be claded from head to toe in hemp. i told you about the hemp eggs and their nutrient profile. and hemp twine. where do i find hemp twine? made in india sold at walmart. i didn't tell you the end of the story about when i was researching sustainable cannabis counties and i saw the stalk from the plant isn't being used and it has an energy resource and that planted me the seeds
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for "hemp bound". the reason i believe industrial cannabis is going to be bigger than the other kind is because coors is big but exon pexonn is bigger. so a quick reality check. the post harvest process of retting -- how many people have heard of retting? it is a bit medieval. if you see sketches from the 10th century france hemp fields it looks like this. minus the factory there. i have the slide here because i was told if you tell people something three times they retain it.
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so in addition to the seed oil and the fiber want you to get the energy. so i am sneaking it into slides that has nothing else to do with it. so retting -- it isn't a no brainer to cultivate hemp for oil. you have to harvest at the right time and store it in a way that it retains the correct moisture level before getting to the processors and i think newbies could figure it out. there is a fungal battle going on after retting and it is two weeks of rotating with the right amount of moisture so this incredible outer bar opens up. i write about a fellow named clark who developed a decoordinator and it isn't a new concept. but it is expensive and allows
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you to strip the bark off from harvest. so it might be going from 10th century to 20th and i bring this up so any time i cannot sound like your roommate with the lava lamp i need to do it. i am a believer. i think the hemp industly is going to take off. canadian farmers are profiting $300 per acre and save the earth while they are at it. it is a patriotic issues that is causing people that don't normally talk about things like mitch mcconnell. and thank you mike bowman as well. that is where i met you. and this was the hoisting of the hemp flag above the colorado
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state house on colorado day last year. but also july 4th. the hemp flag went over the u.s. capital last year. it is one of those moments you cannot turn back like whether commies were the big enemy. you could not call your congressman and say i need a photo of boys ner hoisted over the capital. but hemp is the opposite of the ene enemy. it is one of the most patriotic industries you can support. i want to see the hemp sandwich in mcdonald's. this was usda researcher developing cultivars. i want to continue the discussion because the changes
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happening every day -- in boulder i was approached by a researcher at the national renewable energy labs, and jason spoke to him to, saying i think the farm bill is changing things and i think we may not have to ignore this anymore. we are going to do climate change and it is because your roommate with the lava lamp was right. thank you for coming. [applause] can i take can up couple questions? >> i am in illinois, any prospect of combgetting that in here? >> in the state of illinois? what i think is going to happen is -- illinois made great strides like medical cannabis. i mention this because minds are open on the officialism.
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president obama voted to legalize hemp as an illinois legislature twice, by the way. so missouri is in the forefront. ohio is pushing hard and texas just gave a talk at rice university and i should not ask surprise because the baker institute gets it and they get it in terms of drug policy because they are a border state and know what cannabis prohibition does via organized crime. and from the ambassador to the name-sake of the institute to all of the researchers there are totally on board. and texas is ready on hemp. so i think just as california is often kind of paving the way for things that happen across the nation and across the west i think texas is going to be the
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reverberation across the south there. i think illinois will follow missouri and ohio are going it be the first in the midwest. >> gary, indiana is stuck in a terrible cycle. we have had the land since 1875 but the bank runs it and we are paying a lot for the input. we all inherited it but we are not making good use of it. we have a fine farm house and weep don't want to live it. it is out in the country all by itself on the highest land location and eight miles from indiana. the whole history of the tipping canoe battle is in that vicinity. but the thing is it is all petro
9:02 pm
chemicals out there. farmers now just farm when we harvest the crops like mowing the yard. we are stuck in a syndrome of the high cross of what they call input. >> it sounds like ripe for fiber remediation. but i am glad that you mention this because besides the strictly physical soil remediation it is land use and putting farmers back in control with their land from farmers that can make a living. that is the ultimate goal. i would like to see it happen in illinois. anybody from illinois with influence contact your legislatures. >> bill gates just bought a whole section near the farm.
9:03 pm
but it is big farmers. they will sell off a section at a time and we are just a small farm. >> how many acres? >> about 2/3rds of the half session. >> that is enough to get the hemp going. >> but the thinking is stuck in the state of illinois. >> spending top energy for that. >> linda? >> i want to encourage anyone who wants to know more check out the rocky mountain hemp association's website. and there is a button where you can become a member. we welcome everyone. we want it to be the networking website for farmers and industry and anyone who is interested on any aspect of this unfolding of hemp in the united states or at least in colorado.
9:04 pm . >> i am a member and i forgot to introdu introduce susan. this is a colorado senator who put force the earliest efforts. linda and jason can speak to this better. but a day to see farmers cultivated commercial hemp must feel good and thank you f. >> how much of the market is driven by the prohibition? ...


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